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Solitary Living

The Person with enough character to live alone, is unperturbed by the opinion of Others.

Welcome To My Story


  1. How did you feel performing Maintenance Art in the area around the USU? At first I thought that a gathering of the whole class was a bit too much man power for the simple task at hand. As I watched the efforts of those who tried to experience the art of maintenance I soon changed my thought on the activity. As a spectator I was able to experience the various levels of effort that surrounded the idea of “cleaning/maintenance”. Those who like me, simply watched the class undergo the art of maintenance and took little to no part in the activity were either incapable of grasping the art in organization, cleanliness, and hands-on work or just choose to watch art unfold beneath our eyes. All in all I Thank Kowalski for providing us with a sculpture that we can all take part of or not. It’s not a whale though, could be a shark. That would make more sense since its our Mascot.


  1. What was the experience like?
  2. Was it easier, harder, or different than you expected?
  3. How was the experience of making a painting with no subject? Confusing & Frustrating? Liberating & Inspiring?
  4. How does this compare to other paintings you have seen?


  1. Discuss the Form, Aesthetics & Content of your art. Our group put masking tape around the opening that makes the hand-grip of a wet floor sign. This acted as our picture frame/focus for the activity. The neat thing about our focus was that because it was mounted on a wet floor sign, our group was able to move and change the image provided by our picture frame. This allowed us to focus on different areas of the campus while using the same frame, in other words we gave ourselves the luxury of being able to view different perspectives.
  2. Was your Art, Art before you put a rectangle around it? Why or why not? Yeah, Certainly a wet floor sign is a form of self defensive art that we should all be grateful for. If it wasn’t there accidents could happen but because it is we are given the chance to experience the art of Cautiousness.
  3. Will your Art be Art after the rectangle is gone? Why or why not? The idea of mounting our frame on the sign came from the thought that the opening, that is the handle part of the wet floor sign, was already a picture frame itself. So no, just as long as one is able to recognize that the object can provide a frame for the viewer, the art that one chooses to focus on will be equally as important to him or her with or without the masking tape to emphasize the idea of a “picture frame”/”focus”.
  4. Does art reside in the body of the object? So that some objects are art and some objects are not art? Explain. How do we know which objects are art and which are not? Yeah. Before you can make a conclusion about whether or not you find an object to be art. You must first be able to understand the different perspectives that the object has among other people. That way you have a better understanding of the aesthetics that make up that object. For example, a cup of coffee. To me its just a fucking cup of coffee, but to the CEO of Starbucks its $5 more dollars, its his art in the form of business. The procrastinator who has an 8 am might find art in the coffee’s ability to wake him/her up and get em going and the 9th grader who just posted their Vanilla Bean with two pumps of raspberry found art in well, the whole thing, but to me, It’s just a fucking cup of coffee.
  5. Can art be something other than an object? Yea, you can find art in emotions. Love, which is a feeling not an object, leads to actions, that can bring about objects. See, If you can find an emotional experience that brings up old memories or new ideas than whatever has triggered such set of events should be considered as art, for it has provided you with creative thought that can In turn be expressed through your own means of art.
  6. Does art reside in the experience of the viewer? So that it isn’t an object purse, but a way and a choice of taking the time to have a viewing experience? Explain. Yea my discussion on Maintenance art touches over the idea of the “viewing experience” of art.

We are homo sapiens that are capable of taking in visual and emotional signals to construct art of our own. The feelings and signals received from an object, action, or visuals allows us to focus our thoughts of the object and create a story/perspective/artwork. So making Art requires human activity either through creation or curation.